Kazma on Stream rebuild Mareš's bet on Ferrari on an accident-aid campaigncampaign

  • Kazma na Streamu přetavil Marešovu sázku o Ferrari na kampaň za pomoc při nehodách
Web television discharged another piece of the Exclusive Show, in which she clarified one more of the "tricks" by her mediator Kazma. This April, he set up an auto collision, which brought about the loss of Leoš Mareš's mediator. He chose to ride multi month in the trabant, with the person who sees him in an alternate auto, getting his Ferrari

While in transit to work, Horses astonished the mishap, and his assistance required a move and a withdraw with a rifle. As of now in April, a few media theorized that it was a concurred method to attract thoughtfulness regarding disturbing measurements as per which just a single in ten drivers would stop in the mischance. 
These hypotheses were affirmed, yet Female horses denied that he would have concurred with Kazma ahead. Despite what might be expected, Kazma recognized the inclusion of the Besip Establishment and its 1/10 crusade. 
Maresh was by all account not the only big name associated with the crusade. Toward the finish of the last Small time Show, crowds can tune in to a philanthropy melody against loathe in long range interpersonal communication critiques, for example, artists Ewa Farna, Lucie Bila and Bara Basik, rapper Majk Soul, vocalist Tomas Klus or Kabat and Chinaski.