In one year, Agnes and Stefan will renovate the fallen litter castle themselves: "We're a little crazy"

På ett år ska Agnes och Stefan renovera det förfallna kråkslottet själva: “Vi är lite galna”

The move went from extravagance Miami straight into the abandoned château palace of Hägerstad, Sweden. 

There the family will live effortlessly and remodel the devastated and fire-solidified château. 

We will tail them for a year in the TV program "The Fantasy of the Palace". It is safe to say that they are prepared? 

"My greatest expectation is that there will be no separation," says Agnes Lätt. 

OK surrender a decent life in Miami, offer everything, and move over the Atlantic to the wide open and a rotted, deserted and consumed swarm that is 150 years of age? Regardless, it made the family simple a year ago. Completely dropped. 

It was Midsummer's end of the week 2017 like Agnes, 35, Stefan, 53, and the youngsters Katarina, 15, Karin, 11, and Nils, 6, came to Åtvidaberg in the wake of living in Miami for a long time. All to understand a fantasy that all of a sudden came up. 

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"At the point when the château discovered us, we chose to offer and leave everything" 

Agnes had since she was pretty much nothing, as such a significant number of different young ladies, longed for living in a stronghold like a princess with her ruler, yet never figured she would make that blessing from heaven. What's more, nor was there anything that was arranged. 

"We had no goal at all to move as we appreciated it and had a decent time in Miami. Yet, when the château discovered us, we chose to offer and leave everything, says Agnes for Leva and Bo. 

After the postponed wedding party, the palace showed up on the PDA 

Everything started with a multi year late wedding party in 2016 in Agne's origin Estonia, where they turned into an excellent chateau that they both turned out to be exceptionally partial to. 

- It was in the mid year and everything was extremely decent. After the gathering, my sibling was kidding and said he had discovered a manor close-by that was available to be purchased and as we could move to, he demonstrated pictures on the versatile. At that point my man took the telephone and completed a speedy pursuit at Hemnet in Sweden. 

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We both realized this is our home - purchased for 4.3 million 

At that point abruptly Hägerstad Mansion in Åtvidaberg showed up as things available to be purchased. 

"At times something occurred, we ended up both dear in the manor. At that point after Estonia we went straight to Sweden and took a gander at Hägerstad, says Agnes. Furthermore, when we arrived we as a whole felt that "this is our home". 

They dedicated themselves completely to the offering yet did not figure they would have a shot until the point when it turned out they had really won it. So in October 2016, the couple had all of a sudden purchased the château with the toes and tower for 4.3 million kronor. 

Add up to rotted, saturated, consumed and has for some time been devastated 

"We are exceptionally unconstrained of us," says Agnes. It's cool to the point that we're simply there, we're simply "doing". We both go on a stomach feeling, dependably. At that point we're a little insane as well, haha. It's imperative to do things that are entertaining. When something gets exhausting you can simply go on. 

June 2017 everything was clear and cleaned in Miami and the Light family remained in Åtvidaberg and could start its gigantic remodel venture. For this, there is no "general" redesign immediately. The manor of 900 square meters, four meters to the roof, two stories, the breeze and the cellar isn't just 150 years of age - it's completely rotted, saturated, smoked, consumed and has for some time been devastated. 

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From the earliest starting point he was home to a chief and his respectable spouse 

"In Miami, we have revamped two houses for ourselves, yet additionally for clients, telling Agnes, so we're utilized to it, yet this is our supreme greatest thing ever, and we'll do huge things ourselves. 

The stronghold from 1868 was initially home to an executive and his honorable spouse, after that it has filled in as a retirement home for instructors and of late as a social insurance community for drunkards. Toward the start of the 1990s the office was set down and the stronghold was sold as a private living arrangement. Be that as it may, in 2011 it was totally abandoned and the Christmas end of the week that same year it consumed three times and after that left unattended for 6-7 years. So it is additionally water-harmed and decimated in different ways. 

Drawn by one of the 1800's most recognized draftsmen 

Hägerstad Mansion likewise has 12 hectares of land, an oak cultivate, an old animal dwellingplace, an extensive machine lobby and a nursery worker's habitation. The palace was composed by Helgo Zetterwall, one of the 1800's most recognized draftsmen. 

TV4, who had been searching for a family to remodel any rotted house, was interested about the Lightweight family who purchased the château and reached them. Consequently, we would now be able to tail them for eight thursdays, starting now and into the foreseeable future at 21.00. They have a year and the guarantee is that an arrangement and storm cellar will be prepared. Amid the redesign, the couple lives in a 60's cabin on the plot. 

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The kids get a more secure, better and more quiet presence in Sweden 

- It was all consuming, instant adoration. The photos looked astounding and we both said that we can not get this shot once more, Stefan says in the program. I have dependably had a major heart for old structures. 

- The stronghold just entered our life. You are not searching for something but rather it comes to you. It said it was an annihilation, yet who can tear a manor? pondering Agnes. 

Also, they feel that the kids have a more secure, better and all the more free presence in Sweden. Here, for instance, they can ride their own to class, in the Unified States, they need to drive their youngsters the distance until the point when they are 16-17 to tell the family. 

"My greatest expectation is that there won't be a separation after this" 

Should they enlist an organization for remodel, it would be lost at around 10 million, the couple has a financial plan of 4 million however hope to do the simple thing themselves. At night's scene, we can see, in addition to other things, how they void the whole manor on mortar and stays from the crying dividers as they slip. All garbage must be expelled to enable the palace to dry and move toward becoming saturated. Behind a divider they locate a shrouded slug. 

"Despite the fact that we have a considerable measure of work before us, it feels awesome fun," says Agnes. As a bit, I needed love, white pony and manor ... My greatest expectation is that there won't be a separation after this ...