Djokovic wins Del Potro and wins 14th Grand Slam career

Djokovic vence Del Potro e conquista 14.º "Grand Slam" da carreira
Djokovic wins Del Potro and wins 14th Grand Slam career

The Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic won the fourteenth Thousand Pummel of his vocation on Sunday by winning the US Open, fourth and last "major" of the season, beating Argentina's Juan Martin del Potro in the last. 

In what was their 23rd Thousand Pummel competition last, a record just outperformed by Rafael Nadal (24) and Roger Federer (30), the previous world number one, who disposed of João Sousa in the round of 16, prompted better in front of Del Potro, 6-3, 7-6 (7-4) and 6-3 of every three hours and 19 minutes. 

Despite the fact that the last was chosen in three sets, Del Potro, number three in the ATP positioning, was ahead in the second set, subsequent to restoring a break and remaining ahead (4-3), however not figured out how to show signs of improvement and wound up offering in the tie-reprieve following 95 minutes. 

After the second set, the 31-year-old Serbian came back to the beginning lineup toward the beginning of the 2009 US Open hero to re-emanate the triumphs of 2011 and 2015 of every eight challenged finals in New York. 

In the wake of coming up short the 2017 damage season and having been worked on at the elbow last January before coming back to the opposition in Spring, Djokovic won the second continuous major after Wimbledon and fourteenth title of the Terrific Pummel of the race, breaking even with the record of the American Pete Sampras, who is just outperformed by Rafael Nadal (17) and Roger Federer (20). 

"[Successful return] It is because of the help of my youngsters, spouse and each one of the individuals who are near me and who upheld me in troublesome times.When I was worked on the elbow, I understood what Juan Martin really improved the situation a few "Djokovic stated, saluting his rival for" all that he has done over the most recent five years, trusting he could battle for the Amazing Pummel competitions. " 

Juan Martin Del Potro has been far from the courts somewhere in the range of 2014 and 2016, with progressive wounds and four wrist medical procedures, however figured out how to come back to the highest point of the world rankings, vanquish in the last in Flsuhing Glades, third place of the ATP chain of importance to the Serbian, who likewise took a prize of around three million euros.